Question of the day: 15 November, 2017

The atomic weight of an unknown element, in atomic mass units (amu), is approximately 20% less than that of calcium. The atomic weight of calcium is 40 amu. Which of the following best approximates the atomic weight, in amu, of the unknown element?

A) 8

B) 20

C) 32

D) 48

Get the answer tomorrow!

Author: wayabroad1

Hi! I have lived and studied abroad in several countries over many years. In my many years abroad, I have learnt a lot, by being in the shoes of a student, an employee, and just a tourist. I felt like sharing everything I have learnt over the years with people who are aspiring to go abroad to study or settle. You are welcome to send me your queries and I shall do my best to answer them to the best of my knowledge. Here’s to your Way Abroad!

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